The School for The Future

Online Classroom : New Normal of Plookpanya School during Pandemic Era


Plookpanya school was established in 2006. Started with the founder’s desire to create nourishing environment to children in the city of Nakhon Ratchasima to develop the country in the future. To serve this purpose, Plookpanya school learning environment is designed differently from typical schools. It is not just your ordinary school building, each classroom is purposefully created to stimulate students’ thinking and learning. Every corner in the school encourage students to explore, observe, think or even question when striving for the answer. Plookpanya school believes that learning can occur anywhere and anytime.

Additionally, there are various types of activities at Plookpanya school.  We have indoor and outdoor activities such as free play as well as hands- on experiments that are organized for students.

At Plookpanya, we believe that everyone can function as an instructor not only the teachers. All can share in the teaching responsibilities. For instance, chefs, who are experts in cooking can provide suggestions concerning healthy foods and eating habits whereas ground crews for the school can offer advice about practical waste management methods. As a result, teachers are then able to make realistic learning connections to introduce wider concepts of environmental conservation and preservation.  In additional to that, parents can help design the inspiring learning activities even at home.

All of these ideas and direct experiences are integrated into classroom lessons in order to create favorable characteristics of the students at Plookpanya school.

Moreover, Plookpanya does not only give students the knowledge, but gives intellect which is the process and ways of thinking to help students learn continuously as well as independently as a self-learner in the future.

Raising Children for The Future

by The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Another main heart of Plookpanya school is the school for the future. We believe in Dr. Howard Gardener’s, Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and we know that each student has many intelligences. However, more of the student’s intelligences can get stimulated if he or she does activities they like in a good learning environment that encourages students to learn at their full potential.

Thus, Plookpanya’s school is designed to use differentiated activities because teaching students to have multiple intelligences can happen from learning through various learning activities independently. For example, students see the problems through activities until they get into the thinking process. Then solve the problems, and finally find their own intelligence.

As in the flowers, they do not bloom at the same time, so our student’s intelligences will no show at the same time too. Everything needs time to cultivate and grow -including our students. Students learn through doing things by their hands; they will know the process and understand more and more. One day their intelligence will show up and they will know their own intelligence. Finally, they will understand themselves and can choose what they want to do, what they want to study and choose their occupation that they will be happy with that fit into the future world.

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